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Cardboard hospital playhouseOut of stock

Kandoro’s Hospityal Toy and Book

79,90 (IVA incluido)

The Kandoro cardboard hospital toy consists of four exterior facades: one of them is the gateway to the emergency phone calls, and other mobile park with a blank ambulance. . .

Foldable cardboard playhouse form KandoroOut of stock

Kandoro’s Cardboard toy house and book

69,90 (IVA incluido)

The Kandoro playhouse consists of a main façade with its gateway, and a rear facade with garden and tendal. The interior rooms are: the kitchen, the livingroom and the bathroom.

Toy farm indoorsOut of stock

Kandoro’s Toy Farm House and Book

69,90 (IVA incluido)

The Kandoro cardboard toy farm  has a facade with its gateway in the middle of the mountain and inside a barn where animals and products and tools to care for these are.

Grocery store playhouseOut of stock

Grocery toy house and book by Kandoro

69,90 (IVA incluido)

The Kandoro grocery store toy has four exterior walls, where we found a gateway, a vegetable or window and the rear facade of the store with access to recycling bins. . .