Kandoro’s Hospityal Toy and Book

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The Kandoro cardboard hospital toy consists of four exterior facades: one of them is the gateway to the emergency phone calls, and other mobile park with a blank ambulance. . .

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Product composed of the book “Kandoro Hospital” and its respective cardboard scenography.

It consists of four exterior facades: in one of them is the access door with the emergency call phone, and in another the mobile park with a die-cut ambulance that we can remove and use as a disguise so that the child you can feel that you are driving it.

In the interior consulting a / One pediatrician recreates the / as children / as can recognize. It has a height gauge, the doctor’s table with the patient records, a poster representing the five senses, an X-ray screen, a stretcher and the instruments that the pediatrician He uses medicines in a medical check-up, and a poster of the human body from which its main organs are removed, and another of the mouth, which we can open to see inside.

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23 removable pieces
1 storage pocket
6 flaps to place the pieces
2 elements that open and close
Ambulance 100 x 70 cm (unfolded size).

Unfolded measurements

97 x 232 cm.

Folded measurements

97 x 58 cm.


4 mm.


Recycled carton.

Book language

Galician, Spainish


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