Fills a farm life, nature and love!

In Kandoro there is a farm at the foot of the mountains and on the farm an ancient oak with a small wooden door. “Spikes” lives there, a very special hedgehog with an extraordinary gift for music and a great friend to the rest of the animals, insects, plants and flowers that fill this farm with life.

Kandoro believes in sustainable design due to our deep love for Nature.So is why our products are manufactured in our country because we respect and support the quality of our manufacturers and their workers.

The decoration of the Farm is an example of all this, designed with a lot of details you can play to find on its outer face, the more than 10 camouflaged ladybugs, butterflies and insects, as well as identify the different types of flowers, plants and trees.

In this wonderful natural environment you can place all the animals of this farm . Animals are designed in the form of manipulative parts . Every animal have their place in an adorable barn where they sleep, eat and play . And of course , they are cared for by the best farmer they are waiting for.

Toy farm indoors

Extended measurements: 97 x 262 cm.

Folded measurements: 97 x 58 cm.

Thickness measurements: 4mm.

Ecological and recyclable cardboard.

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On the outside there is the stable in the middle of the mountains, a beehive that opens and a very small door located in the tree that, when opened, shows you the underground house of the hedgehog Púa, the leading character of the story.

On the inside are all the departments where the animals live, a henhouse that opens to place the chickens and collect their eggs and a large storage pocket to store all the accessories.

All the pieces are placed by means of velcros distributed throughout the scenography.

Contains 1 book, 1 scenery, 19 removable pieces, 1 storage pockets, velcro to place the pieces and 3 elements that open. 

Didactic activities

Kandoro educational games are recommended by professional educators for their great versatility as an educational resource.

Learn to respect animals and nature. Generate responsibility with the care of animals, generating routines such as taking them out, feeding them and cleaning them following the time line that the clock marks.

All our products are easy to store and do not need prior assembly.

Educational game Kandoro's farm playhouse

Educational toys and teaching materials from Kandoro

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