You might want to try the delicious fruit pies that have this store so special!

When you enter this store take a good look and you will find an English mouse, Mr. Mirlington and his assistant an Australian parrot called Talking Beak .

With over 70 pieces, this charming shop doesn’t lack for anything so you can sell or buy tons of delicious things. And to replenish the goods with order, the shelves are grouped by sections.

You will have everything ready to share your adventures and your purchases in this cool store!

Grocery store playhouse

Unfolded measurements: 97 x 262 cm.

Folded meausurements: 97 x 58 cm.

Thickness measurements: 4mm.

Ecological and recycable cardboard

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It consists of four exterior facades, where we find an access door, a vegetable stall or showcase and the rear access facade to the warehouse with the recycling bins.

On the inside we find: the entrance area drug store, and then the groceries, greengrocers and bakers.

Contains 1 book, 1 scenery, 49 removable pieces , 4 storage pockets and velcro to place the pieces.

Didactical activities

Learn to count or distinguish and group by color or size.


It is not surprising that it is together with the house, one of the most demanded decorations among educators and parents for its ability to develop skills and abilities in younger children.

  • Development of logical mathematical skills, manipulating elements and collections, identifying their attributes and qualities, and establishing group relationships, classification, order, measurement and quantification.
  • Identify the different food products, know the food pyramid, work on the acquisition of good nutrition and health habits associated with its name.
  • Make comparisons and series with the fruits, ordering them from highest to lowest and vice versa.
  • Establish relationships between its characteristics or attributes: shape, color, size, etc.
  • Carry out calculation activities, playing at shopping for various objects with their different prices.
  • Learn to recycle with the garbage collectors, which open to classify and recognize the different types of recyclable materials. With this activity we become aware of the world around us and the environment.

All our products are easy to store and do not need prior assembly.

The cardboard grocery shop playhouse for children

Educational toys and teaching materials by Kandoro

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