A perfect place to take care of those you love the most when they feel bad.

At the Kandoro hospital you will meet Dr. Remedios, a reindeer with a lot of ingenuity. Remedios loves to knit and makes scarves to give as gifts. If you don’t have a good throat, you get one, two or three. In this hospital many things are done, if you enter you will discover them all.

With this folding decoration, you can imagine and live endless stories of doctors and patients with the help of the accessories that you will find inside. From measuring your height with the entrance meter, looking at an X-ray to find if there are any broken bones, classifying the files within their folders, exploring the parts of the body and main organs and a lot of other things.

Emergency call !! Fast, honking ambulance with briefcase loaded correctly !!


Cardboard hospital playhouse

Unfolded measurements: 97 x 232 cm.

Folded measurements: 97 x 58 cm.

Thickness measurements: 4 mm.

Ecological and recycable cardboard.

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It consists of four exterior facades: in one of them is the access door with the emergency call phone, and in another the mobile park with a die-cut ambulance that we can remove with a velcro system so that the child can be Get inside and you can feel like you’re driving it.

Ambulancia de cartón para niños
Detalle hospital infantil de cartón

In the interior consulting a / One pediatrician recreates the / as children / as can recognize. It has a height gauge, the doctor’s table with the patient records, a poster representing the five senses, an X-ray screen, a stretcher and the instruments that the pediatrician He uses medicines in a medical check-up, and a poster of the human body from which its main organs are removed, and another of the mouth, which we can open to see inside.

Contains 1 book, 1 scenery, 22 removable pieces, 1 storage pocket, velcro to place the pieces and 2 elements that can open and close. Plusthe 100 x 70cm (open size) ambulance.

Didacticals activities

Become familiar with the medical environment and learn to know the parts of the body.

  • Promote personal autonomy and knowledge of one’s own body. Using the poster of the human body we can locate the heart, brain and lungs. Using X-rays we know the skeleton. With these activities we achieve the ability to recognize and name the different parts of the body and place them spatially in the child’s own body .
  • Learn to identify and use the senses. The poster of the senses contains simple examples associated with each of them (colors, smells, sounds, textures, etc.); with them we express sensations and perceptions.
  • Identify and recognize situations of bodily pain and illness.
  • Manipulate and explore the medical instruments that the child will find in the pediatric office. Discuss them: what they are for, what they are called, and how we feel when we have to go to the doctor.

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The cardboard hospital playhouse

Educational toys and teaching materials by Kandoro

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