An ecological little house with a lot of charm and built specially for your kids!

In Kandoro, a cat lives in a very charming house. If you come near him, he will invite you to come in and to show you all the rooms and how he has them decorated.

The Kandoro playhouses are easy to fold. They are made from eco-friendly cardboard. With them, the smallest of the youngest member of the household will be able to let their fantasy fly with this cardboard decoration that simulates a house with its entrance door, living room, bathroom, kitchen and its different elements with which the child can act.

We put the decorations and accessories and you tell the story!

Foldable cardboard playhouse form Kandoro

Size (unfolded): 97 x 262 cm.

Size (folded): 97 x 58 cm.

Thickness: 4mm.

Made with ecological and recyclable cardboard.

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It consists of a main façade, with its access door, and a rear façade with a garden and clothesline. The interior rooms are: the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom.

Contains 1 book, 1 foldable stage set, 36 removable pieces , 2 storage pockets, 10 flaps to place the pieces and 7 elements that open and close.


Didactic learning activities

Know our house, the objects, the dependencies and the activities that are carried out in them.

The different Kandoro cardboard playhouses and decorations are recommended by professional educators for their great versatility as a teaching and learnning resource.

Recreate moments of personal well-being, aspects of daily life, biological rhythms, routines (getting up, washing, having breakfast, etc.), habits and basic rules, intuitive estimation of the measurement of time, temporarily placing daily activities …

In the kitchen

  • Prepare a meal in the oven.
  • Set the table.
  • Identify and count the objects in the fridge,

In the bathroom

  • Explore objects, what they are for, how they are used, and related routines.
  • Put the washing machine
  • Hang the clothes on the clothesline on the rear façade.

In the room

  • Choose the stories.
  • Make the bed.
  • Place the toys.
  • Draw and place the pictures on the pictures on the wall.

All our products are easy to store and do not need prior assembly.

The cardboard playhouse for kids

Kandoro, Educational Toys and Teaching Materials


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