A post office to dream about the wonderful
experience of exploring the world!

Travel stories, letters and postcards you can share with the postman Alfredo who works in this post office. He gets up very early because there are many cards to sort. After the delivery begins, she loves to deliver packages and letters to her neighbors and friends.

This decorated with its large map of the world and its furniture full of letters and packages, invites you to dream and will awaken your desire to travel and imagine adventures around the world.

It is full of details like the racing pigeons that at high speed cross continents perhaps carrying secret messages.

On one of the exterior facades the delivery van is waiting parked, with a briefcase full of letters , so you can go out to deliver them.

The Post Office is the perfect setting for hours of play and dreams because a letter, package or postcard that arrives or leaves always hides a great story that only you can tell.

Post office cadboard playhouse

Unfolded measurements: 97 x 262 cm.

Folded Measurements 97 x 58 cm.

Thickness measurements: 4mm.

Ecological and recycabled cardboard

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Outside we have the access door, a mailbox that opens so that the postman can pick up the letters, a display of postcards from different parts of the world, a customer service window, and the garage with delivery van, which is removed and handled in the same way as that of the health center; the child can feel like a postman and deliver the letters and packages that they carry in their van.

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Inside, when you enter, there are several clocks: one with the meteorological time, and another with the seasons of the year. On the other side, a poster representing the means of postal transport. A then there is a large piece of furniture to classify the various letters and packages, we can do in response to countries and continents to which they are intended. With the help of the large map of the world they are illustrated geographically.

In this world map some of the most characteristic elements of each continent are illustrated.

Contains 1 book, 1 scenery, 29 removable pieces, 1 storage pocket, 21 flaps to place the pieces and 1 elements that can be opened and closed. Plus the 100 x 70cm (open size) Post Office van.

Didactical activities

Inculcar la curiosidad por el mundo y aprender a valorar la variedad de culturas, de razas, de lenguas, …

The kandoro children’s houses and decorations were conceived not only as a game for children, but also as educational material to support teachers and parents in the training and education of the minor.

  • Achieve the ability to establish some relationships between the physical and social environment, identifying natural changes that affect daily life (changes in seasons, temperatures, … ).
  • Develop mathematical competence with counting and ordering practices: Locate, organize and classify letters and packages, buy stamps, etc.
  • Sensitize children towards others and towards the world around us.
  • Manipulable elements
  • Encourage dialogue about other countries, languages ​​and cultures by observing the graphic representation of the world map.

All our products are easy to store and do not need prior assembly.

The cardboard post office playhouse

Educational toys and teaching materials by Kandoro

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